Amalli Talli Celebrates One Year


One year ago, we began work on Amalli Talli, a fashion-forward boutique geared towards taller women. Amy and Alli had a distinct vision for their store and we enjoyed every moment working them to bring it to life. They contributed innovative ideas on how to combine a contemporary style and warming it up with a rustic look using dock wood from their hometown. The neutral colors and tones throughout the space allow the patterns and colors of the clothing to capture the attention of everyone who walks by.

Most of the fixtures are custom-made to tailor to the taller heights such as the dressing rooms, peg board display case, and a raised ceiling height. The selected finishes compliment a European style with their sleek lines and minimalist appeal while custom cash wraps blend all the different elements of the store together. The light colored logo contrasts nicely with the rustic wood herringbone which is repeated throughout the space, represented in the carpet, entry, and display cases throughout the space and helps connect the entryway to the rest of the store. 

To keep this boutique on top of the trends, they used a few hot design ideas and modified them to fit their vision for the store. In the back of the store, they utilize large racks that are normally used to hang pots and pans in a residential setting. Amy and Alli purchased industrial clips and are able to hang their jeans from a steel oval that hangs from the ceiling, a unique way to pull customers to the back of the store while displaying the full length of the jeans.  Another design trend used is known as the ‘waterfall’ effect on the cash wraps, which means the material falls from the top over the edge and down the sides in a seamless matter. This trend is becoming popular in many contemporary residential kitchens. Feel free to follow their journey and keep up on the latest fashions through their website ( and fashion blog (!  



"We could not be happier with how everything turned out, it actually far exceeded our expectations.  They were a true pleasure to work with, patiently answering all of our questions (trust me, there were MANY) and delivering expert recommendations and advice that was perfectly suited to our needs, budget & timeline.  Like any good project, we had a few unforeseen challenges and the team tackled them head-on, taking the stress and pressure off our plates.  They immediately recognized and understood the concept and the look & feel that we were going for in our space, and really did a spectacular job making the ideas in our head a reality.  We can't say enough good things about this group!"


                                    -Amy Rosenthal, Amalli Talli