Listen and Deliver

Firm Ground Architects & Engineers, Inc. is committed to providing unparalleled service to our clients. We consistently follow through on this commitment by practicing one crucial skill: listening.

By listening to and hearing what our clients tell us we develop a strong understanding of the client’s goal and vision for their project, and we take ownership over helping them see that vision come to life. By listening, we come to know exactly how to deliver the experience the client needs. By listening, we can follow through with the quality, budget, and schedule the client expects.

Team Spirit

For each project Firm Ground Architects & Engineers, Inc. develops a collaborative team perfect for the needs of the client. We identify the roles needed to pursue excellence and then we fill those roles with experienced professionals we can count on to meet our standards of service. By seeking out qualified consultants for project specific needs we can ensure a robust team capable of delivering to the highest expectations. When building our project team we are attentive to the fit of the team members in order to let our relationships shine and fortify our individual strengths. 

Project approach

Our team is passionate about building communities, developing a sense of place, and ultimately helping people to lead more productive lives. We accomplish this by establishing trust with our clients, entering into the architectural design process as partners. Working together we capture the spirit of your organization and cast it into corporeal form as an expression of your aspirations and dreams. We accomplish this by maintaining sensitivity to the budget, aesthetic requirements, and cultural expectations of our clients.