This round, we bring you Jacob Perez!

After another unplanned hiatus, we bring you Jacob Perez, one of our talented Project Designers.


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Some time ago I embarked on a 2 ½ week road trip and visited 10 national parks on the west coast and four corner states, it was the one of the most adventurous times of my life. If I could live anywhere I think it would be on the road in a state of perma-travel, there are so many places to experience.

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What is your favorite book to read?

Reading for me comes in waves; I’ll consume a lot of text for a time and take periodic sabbaticals to reinvigorate the reading journey. One of my favorite reads is “The Seven Mysteries of Life”, written by Guy Murchie it has held my attention off and on for quite some time.



What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

The most daring thing I’ve ever been a part of was traveling with a telecommunications tower crew; for just over a year I was a tower technician working in the Dakota’s and at times climbing over 500 ft daily til a project was finished.  I’ve never been afraid of heights prior to taking this position but it certainly tested my limits



 What are your hobbies?

The big one for me is fishing. I ice fish in some of the harshest blizzards and in the summer, I spend as much time in the boat as I can.  Also, my wife and I recently adopted a retired Greyhound; he’s been a terrific addition to the family which has inspired the new hobby of dog walking. Wynthrope (our new greyhound) was born to sprint so we’ve also taken him to amateur “straight racing” events for fun.



What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

My ideal weekend would go something like this: a nice slow morning and brunch with my lovely wife at J Selby’s or Birchwood Cafe, followed by a brisk walk or hike with our pup near Minnehaha regional park. I would of course leave just enough time to sneak a bit of fishing in. Lastly, I’d top it all off, with something of a deserving film from a few of my favorite directors: Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, or Gustavo Santolalla which pairs nicely with a glass of sangria or barley wine.