Safe & Sustainable

Infinity can be reached with a little planning and sustainable operation. Our beautiful sailboat can, for some, reach those deep feelings and distant lands. We need to plan for sustainable operations and a safe return.

Understanding a little history sheds light on the building codes that specify minimum standards for construction to protect public health and safety. Our own state of Minnesota building code was established in 1965, yet, many standards developed only as recent as the accessibility code in 2007. The ADA (U.S. Dept. of Justice Americans with Disability Act) arrived in 1990 and affords protections against discrimination and provides accessibility accommodations. Back in Minnesota the first time the state building code is required to be enforced statewide began in 2008. Which finds us better equipped to design and construct access to the built environment.    

We at Firm Ground design buildings and places to be sustainable even in the smallest ways. Our experience and planning strive to provide aesthetics, and operational value, and involves thought and research even with the little details, through the health, safety and building code standards.